Top 8 Largest Red Light Areas In India

Recently, the Indian Government announced that prostitution is legal in India; this is why many people are searching for red-light areas in India to spend time with beautiful and alluring prostitutes. Here, we inform you about the top 8 largest and most famous Red Light Areas in India. So, if you are interested in knowing about these all Red Light areas, then read this blog post till the end. So let’s start:

Some of these countries have also made it legal in their nation. If you are interested in knowing about the world’s most notorious Red Light Areas, then read this blog post till the end. In this post, we will inform you about the world’s top 6 red light areas, so let’s start with:

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Famous Red Light Areas In India

Kamathipura (Mumbai)

1. Kamathipura (Mumbai)

Kamathipura (Mumbai) is one of the most popular and second-largest Red Light areas in India. It is the oldest Red Light area of Mumbai city and has been known as “Lal Bazar” since 1795. In this area, you will find lots of brothels filled with sexy, horny, and professional sex workers of different ages. The movie, “Gangubai Kathiawadi,” played by Alia Bhat, revolves around this Red Light area and the sex worker who worked there. 

Sonagachi (Kolkata)

2. Sonagachi (Kolkata)

Sonagachi is another popular and largest Red Light area of Asia, situated in Kolkata (India). It is like a universe of sexy, horny, and professional prostitutes, where you will encounter thousands of sex workers in various age ranges. This area is also famous for promoting safe practices, reducing exploitation, and raising awareness about sexually transmitted infections. There was also an Award-winning documentary named “Born into Brothels,” which covered this red light area and the sex worker who works there.

3. Garstin Bastion Road (Delhi)

  1. Garstin Bastion Road, or GB Road, is also very popular and has a reputation as one of the largest red-light areas in the Indian capital, Delhi. This area is the neighborhood of hundreds of brothels that line the streets, where thousands of sex workers are working as prostitutes. If you are in Delhi, then you can visit this area to spend a night with these hot, naughty, and experienced sex workers.
Budhwar Peth (Pune)

4. Budhwar Peth (Pune)

If you are in Pune, then you must know about its famous Red Light Area, “Budhwar Peth.” It is the third-largest Red Light area in India. In this area, you will find hundreds of brothels and massage parlors filled with 5000+ sex workers. This area also promotes safe sex, and over the years, many organizations have worked towards empowering and rehabilitating sex workers, which makes it one of the safest red-light areas in India.

Kalighat (South Kolkata)

5. Kalighat (South Kolkata)

Thailand is infamous for its notorious Red Light area, Soi Cowboy, where you will find lots of adult shops and massage centers. It is also a tourist attraction, as lots of people from around the world visit this area to enjoy Thai massage and sex services offered by the most beautiful, sexy, and naughty sex workers. You can also plan a trip to this area and enjoy your time with these professional sex workers.

Shivdaspur (Varanasi)

6. Shivdaspur (Varanasi)

  1.  Shivdaspur is one of the largest Red Light areas in India, where thousands of sex workers work to satisfy other people and earn money. You can also visit this area to spend time with Varanasi sex workers and have lots of fun.
Reshampura (Gwalior)

7. Reshampura (Gwalior)

  1. There is a red-light area in Reshampura in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, where prostitution goes on. However, it is heartening to note that various organizations are working closely with local authorities to provide support services, vocational training, and awareness programs for the welfare and empowerment of sex workers in the community.
Meerganj (Allahabad)

8. Meerganj (Allahabad)

Meerganj Mohalla is situated in a corner of the oldest market square of Allahabad. One hundred fifty years ago, there used to be Mujra, which is also known as a jewelry market. You can visit this area to enjoy sexual encounters with these experienced and professional sex workers.


In this blog post, we have mentioned the top 8 largest red light areas of India, where you can easily find lots of sex workers for sexual fun. However, if you are in Chennai and looking for sexual fun but don’t want to visit red-light areas, then contact Chennai escorts for a sexual encounter at your place.