How To Increase Intimacy in Relationships?

Are you suffering from a boring relationship with your partner and want to strengthen and improve your connection? If yes, then you should have intimacy in your relationship and build a deeper emotional and sexual connection with your partner. In this blog post, we will share 5 research-and-experience-backed tips to help you increase intimacy and build a deeper emotional and physical connection in your relationship. Are you excited to know about these tips? If yes, then read this blog post until the end.

First, let’s clarify what we mean by ‘intimacy’…

What Is Intimacy?

Intimacy does not mean sex or sexual activity. Apart from romantic partners, you can also maintain intimacy with friends, family members, and other people. Intimacy is vital in strengthening and establishing a deep connection between a couple in a relationship. It can go beyond sex and physical closeness and can increase emotional connection, susceptibility, and trust in a relationship. With intense intimacy, we can share our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and desires with each other openly and honestly. However, sex and sexual activities are not crucial for strong intimacy, but intense intimacy is essential for a fantastic sex life.

Benefits of Increasing Intimacy in A Relationship

Here are some benefits of increasing intimacy in a relationship:

  1. A significant reduction in stress and anxiety
  2. A great connection between couples in a relationship
  3. Increased happiness and wellbeing
  4. Increased connection, susceptibility, and trust between each other.
  5. A more dynamic and enjoyable sexual connection
  6. Increased self-esteem and confidence in each other

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1. Prioritize Daily Emotional Intimacy

It is essential to have a solid emotional connection in a relationship to satisfy intimacy. You can prioritize the emotional connection with your partner to increase your intimacy and take your relationship to the next level.

  • You can spend quality time with each other to get more closer.
  • Planning a regular dating night can also help you focus on each other.

2. Be Vulnerable And Radically Honest

Honesty and trust are the most essential ingredients of a successful relationship. To increase intimacy in your relationship, you have to own each other’s trust with honesty.

  • You can share thoughts, feelings, dreams, and struggles with your partner honestly to create a deep emotional connection.
  • Never judge each other’s feelings; give them respect from your heart to own their trust.

3. Improve Intimate Communication

Communication is the key to a happy and satisfying relationship. According to many researchers, open and honest conversations can improve sexual satisfaction and the overall quality of the relationship.

    • You can talk about sex and sex-related topics with your partner to improve intimate communication.
    • You can also share your likes and dislikes.
    • Dirty talks are efficient ideas to enhance intimate communication.

4. Eliminate Pressure In The Bedroom

If you want to enjoy a successful relationship with your partner, you should eliminate all types of pressure from your mind in the bedroom. Taking lots of pressure during sex can badly affect your relationships.

  • Don’t focus on orgasm and enjoy the moments.
  • Don’t rush for penetration, and start smoothly with romance and foreplay.
  • Never try too hard to perform and please each other

5. Schedule Sex

If you want to enjoy sexual intimacy, then you should schedule a perfect time. Scheduling sex will increase feelings of fun and excitement between both partners. 

  • Plan an intimate night with your partner in a hotel room.
  • Decorate your room and add some romantic stuff to it to increase the excitement of your sex night.


These are the 5 practical ways to increase sexual intimacy in a relationship. If you want to know more about sexual intimacy, then you can book a Chennai escort, who will teach you all the ways to increase intimacy in a relationship.