First-Time Experience With Virgin Call Girls

Hey gentlemen, what do you think the first encounter you would have with a virgin call girl? Where would you focus while getting intimate for the first time with a young & virgin call girl? How to act in front of them? And how you will make your experience memorable and pleasurable. If you are planning your first sexual encounter with a virgin call girl, then you must have all these crazy questions in your mind, and in this post, we will discuss the first-time sexual experience with a virgin call girl. If you want to know about it, read this post until the end. 

First-time sex experience

Whether you like it or hate it but the experience of having sex for the first with a virgin call is a memorable affair. If you plan to experience your first sexual encounter with a virgin escort girl, you should prepare to meet. Take a bath, wear cloth properly, smell better, take some flowers or bouffe, find a place to have fun securely, and book a sexy virgin call girl near you to have great sexual pleasure. 

First Meet

If you have booked a beautiful sexy, and outstanding woman who comes to your doorstep, you can notice her style, dressing sense, body, and how she manages herself. It is best to be frank with the virgin escort girl and make her comfortable with you. Offer her a soft drink and praise her beauty, figure, body shape, and maturity. You can also take them for a romantic dinner to make your first experience memorable. 

Go slow

If it is your first time with a virgin girl, don’t hurry and try to slow things so that you both can have mutual pleasure during intercourse. You can start conversations with her about each other’s likes, dislikes, desires, needs, and fantasies. A great conversation will help you to make your night more pleasurable. 

Start with Foreplay

When you both feel ready for intimacy, start kissing her genuinely and play with her body to get her mood. You can press her boobs, play with them, suck them, and passionately undress her to explore each body part. Make things slow, and start kissing, licking her whole. Don’t hesitate to lick her pussy to turn her on for great sexual intimacy. You both can start exploring each other’s sensual body parts. You can put your fingers in her pussy and start fuck her with your finger to make her ready for the wild fun.

Get ready for intimacy.

Once you both are prepared for the real fun, then start pressing your dick into her pussy slowly. Remember, it is the first time for both of you, so gradually decrease any pain or other issues. If she feels pain, then stop for a second, kiss her to relax, and when she feels better, then put your whole dick in her pussy and start giving stocks slowly. When you both feel better, you can increase the speed of strokes and start fucking her passionately.

After play

When you reach the climax, you should hug and kiss her genuinely to relax and feel better. You can talk with each other on the bed and do some after-play like kissing, cuddling, licking, and many more. 


So, guys, these tips are for having a great experience with a virgin girl for the first time. If you have enjoyed sexual intimacy and want to do it once again, then you can take one round more and enjoy with each other. So if you’re going to get sexually intimate with a virgin call girl, contact Chennai Escorts