7 Sex Positions to Penetrate Your Women

According to the Kamasutra and many other scriptures, having sex in various positions is the best way to increase pleasure during penetration. Many researchers have proved that couples who add sex positions to their intercourse achieve 100% satisfaction as compared to those who used to penetrate in a single position. If you are looking for such ways to enjoy deep penetration, then you should try sex positions with your partner to increase the pleasure and reach the G spot. Today, in this post, we will discuss the 7 best sex positions to penetrate your women deeply on the bed. If you are interested in knowing about them, then follow this post till the end.

Sex Positions to Penetrate Your Girl Deeper than Ever Before

1. Happy Baby Pose

The happy babe sex pose is a popular and relaxing position that creates your partner’s glutes and lower back so that you can penetrate deeply to access the G-spot in no time. In this position, your girl needs to lie on her back and raise her bent legs into the air while holding with her hands. This position not only helps you to go deeper, but it will also give complete access to her clitoris. 

2. Legs on Shoulders

The leg-on-shoulders sex position is also a standard but very impactful sex pose that allows you to penetrate your girl deeply on the bed. This position is very similar to a happy babe pose in which your girl needs to lie on her back and drape her legs on your shoulders so that you can enjoy deep vaginal penetration. Her body should be roughly 90 degrees so that you can quickly get access to her vagina.

3. Flatiron

If you want to go deeper during penetration, then you can try a flatiron sex position on the bed. In this position, your partner needs to lie facedown, with their hips slightly elevated and legs out straight, so that you can easily penetrate from the back deeply. For comfort, you can use a pillow under her lower abs and change the angle during penetration.

4. Cowgirl

Cowgirl is another popular and mainly used sex position that gives complete access to go deeper during penetration. It is a very simple but effective sex position in which you have to lie down on your back and allow your girl to climb on top and put your penis in her vagina. In this position, you can have excellent access to the G-spot, her nipples and many other places, which can increase your pleasure.

5. Missionary

Missionary is one of the most used and excellent sex positions that you can try to penetrate your women deeply. This position gives you deep stimulation combined with intimacy during penetration. It is a straightforward position in which your partner will lie on the back of the bed, and you have to lie on top so that both of you are face to face. In this position, you can go deeper and enjoy penetration thoroughly.

6. Stand and Deliver

You can also try this sex position with your partner for deep penetration and reach the G-spot easily. In this sex position, you have to stand at the edge of a bed or desk, and your partner will lie back and raises her legs to her chest so that you can put your penis in her vagina quickly. 

7. Face-Off

The last and best sex position on this list is the face-off position, in which you have to sit on the age of a bench or bed, and your partner will sit on your lap facing you and insert your penis in her vagina. In this position, you can enjoy deep kissing during penetration to make it more hotter. 


These are the best five sex positions to penetrate your woman deeply on the bed. You can try them with your partner to increase the pleasure during sexual intercourse. However, if you are single or don’t have a partner with whom you can try these positions, then you can book a Chennai escort in your area to try these positions.