6 spots Girls Likes To Be Touched The Most

Sex is not only penetration. It is an art of satisfaction that every man needs to be skilled and perfect. The art of sex is essential to satisfy any male or female on the bed. If you want to satisfy your partner but don’t know the skill and art of sex, then you will never succeed. So you should learn this art and use it during sexual intercourse to achieve ultimate pleasure on the bed. 

Today in this post, we will teach you about a female’s 6 sensual body parts, also known as erogenous zones, where a manly touch can arouse sexual desires during sexual intercourse. If you will learn about these where a male touch can stimulate sexual desires. If you will learn about these erogenous zones and touch them ideally, it will help you arouse your partner and satisfy them on the bed. Here are the 6 Spots Every Girl Wants You To Touch:

6 spots Girls Likes To Be Touched The Most

inner thighs

Inner Thighs

If you want to stimulate your girl on the bed with the art of touch, you can grope and caress her inner thigh close to the vagina and the G-spot. The inner thigh is an essential region to stimulate any girl during foreplay. You can also use lubrications and warming gels to massage that region, which will help to improve the blood flow and amp up the arousal.


The ears are the most sensitive part of females, and touching them with the tongue and fingers can stimulate them instantly. Ears are highly innervated and connected through many nerves, so touching them will produce extreme sensitivity and instantly arouse them. 

kiss on nipple


Nipples are the best part of females that can make women come off by themselves alone. If you touch them during foreplay, they will become pleased. Pressing boobs and sucking nipples are highly pleasurable for women, making your partner reach her orgasm quickly during sexual intercourse. 


The neck region of a female plays a vital role in stimulating them instantly. The neck is one of the most sensual parts of females as the neck muscles are connected to the breasts, breastbone, and skull; this is why touching this region with the finger and tongue can make them aroused and mad in pleasure. 

Clitoris kiss


The apparent erogenous zone of females is their clitoris, which is connected to the brain via the pudendal nerve; touching them with the finger and tongue can give them ultimate pleasure and sexual excitement. Rubbing this erogenous zone with your finger and touching it will be highly pleasurable and can generate an orgasm speedily. In this region, 8000 nerve fibers are connected to the brain, which can easily stimulate them and increase the blood flow, arousing them and generating an orgasm speedily. 

Lower Back

Don’t forget to explore the lower back of your partner during foreplay, as it touches this sensual region can be highly pleasurable and sexually stimulating for a female. You can enjoy a hot dance like Tango and Salsa with them, where you can easily explore their lower back. You can touch this region with your hand and move slowly up to the buttock cheeks to arouse and satisfy her on the bed during sexual intercourse. 


These are the 6 Spots Every Girl Wants You To Touch. If you touch them with your hand, finger, or tongue, they will become mad and maon with pleasure during sexual intercourse. You can master the art of sensual touch by exploring these parts during foreplay. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a sexual encounter with a naughty female partner, then you can hire a Chennai escort near you.