5 Ways to Increase Your Pleasure During Sex

Sexual pleasure is what everyone is looking for, and this is why they try to explore every way to derive it than having sex. Sex is an inspiring and pleasurable act filled with excitement, lust, passion, and much more. There is nothing better way than having sex with a young and naughty girl to achieve maximum pleasure. If you also want to achieve this pleasure to the fullest, then you can have fun and enjoy with a super sexy and adorable girl to maximize your satisfaction. Moreover, if you have different sexual fantasies and desires you want to fulfill with your partner in bed, you should try something special during sexual intercourse. Here are 5 ways to increase your pleasure during sex. 



Most people think sex is just an act of penetration, which is entirely wrong. There are many other acts like foreplay and many others that you can use during sexual intercourse to increase your pleasure during sex. Sex is not work, but it is an art of deriving pleasure from each other’s bodies, and you have to master this art to achieve maximum satisfaction with your partner. You can add foreplay like kissing, licking, and touching each other to make your intercourse more pleasurable and achieve satisfaction on the bed. Foreplay plays a vital role in achieve mutual orgasm with your partner on the bed. If you want to experience ultimate sexual pleasure on the bed, don’t rush with your partner and start adding foreplay to your sex. 

sex Different positions

Different positions

Like foreplay plays a vital role in sex; similarly, various sex position also helps to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse. Most people used to have sex in a few prominent sex positions and ordinary, but many other sex positions can add more fun during sex. Adding various sex positions during intercourse can increase your sexual pleasure and help you to achieve multiple orgasms on the bed. Suppose you want to increase your satisfaction during sexual intercourse. In that case, you can try all sorts of sex positions like doggy, missionary, chairman, cowgirl, 69, Flatiron, and many others to increase pleasure and achieve multiple orgasms on the bed. 

Using sex toys

Many sex toys are now available on the market that can quickly increase the pleasure of sex during intercourse, but many people think using them during sex is not good. This is why they should know that these small toys increase your pleasure. Those who like to do such experiments on the bed to spice up their intercourse can add these small toys to achieve ultimate sexual satisfaction on the bed. You can also try these small toys like cock rings, handcuffs, couples massagers, butt plugs, and hunters to add more pleasure to your sexual intercourse and achieve multiple orgasms on the bed.



You can also use Aphrodisiacs in your bedroom during intercourse to your sexual desire and libido. These Aphrodisiacs like tablets, foods, supplements, and other things can help to increase your blood flow and turn you on instantly to go for long sexual intercourse with your partner. You can try dry fruits and chocolates in your bedroom during intercourse, enhancing your sexual desire and libido.

Delaying Climax

Delaying Climax

Many males are worried about premature ejaculation or early ejaculation, which can easily ruin their mood during intercourse. You must delay your climax as much as possible to get more pleasure during intercourse. 


These are the 5 things that can help you to increase your pleasure during sexual intercourse. You can add these things during sexual intercourse with your partner to achieve ultimate sexual desires. Moreover, you can hire a Chennai Escort expert in these things and help you achieve maximum sexual pleasure on the bed.